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Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind launch new service ‘LifeHelp’

Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind Website

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Quote from Peter Gianfrancesco in the EDP/EEN

I was invited to the Norwich Mind launch of their new service called ‘LifeHelp’ which is to help people including people with mental health difficulties and includes a range of services for people with personal budgets. The event was held in Norwich at the Open Banking Hall. It was also to celebrate the MFA – Mind First Aiders and Associates.

Article in Newspaper with MFA and Trisha Goddard

It was a very successful event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The new service is very impressive and the presentations were professional and interesting. I really like the design and logo of the presentation folder and we also got an MFA hat to wear, which is something we can wear in our own communities to let people know we are a Mind First Aider and can help others. I knew quite a few people there so it was great to see them and have a good chat. We also got our picture taken for the EDP and EEN which was great.

Article in Newspaper of MFA at event – Oz, Colin and me in the background, Trisha Goddard at the front

Peter Gianfrancesco who is the CEO at Mind presented the service and his wife Trisha Goddard who is a patron at mind also gave a presentation. I found her speech really moving. They also had people with lived experience talking about how being an MFA has benefited them and helped others.

Article in Newspaper to launch Life Help Service

I was really impressed with the whole event and look forward to seeing how it develops. I am an MFA and trained at Mind for adults and I have also done voluntary work with Mind Inclusion for several years. I am also a MFA for young adults and did a separate course with another organisation. I would highly recommend the course at Mind, you learn so much and it really can help not only yourself but how you can help others.

If you are interested in becoming a Mind First Aider and Associate please visit their website at the top of this article. Below is a screenshot from their Associate magazine and includes very informative information.

The associates magazine

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‘Yessica’s Journey’ article published on Time to Change website

Anastacia’s ‘Yessica’s Journey’ article on Time to Change Website

Published on Time to Change website – Become a Champion

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Screenshot of ‘Yessica’s Journey’ article on Time to Change website

I was thrilled to have an article about ‘Yessica’s Journey’ published on the Time to Change website. If you are a Champion and are involved in work which is raising awareness about mental health and challenges stigma and discrimination you can promote your work on their website. I contacted them and they said yes so I was really pleased.

I think this is such a good idea and encourages people to share with others what they are doing to help Mental Health. It gives people a fantastic opportunity to promote their work, their passion, their creativity and innovative ideas, whatever that may be. There are so many people out there actively doing good work and this is a great platform for them to share with others and hopefully will help people to get more involved, encourage creativity, and develop new innovative ideas to raise awareness about Mental Health. It is a great way to help others as well as helping yourself and gives you confidence, new interests and skills which I think are very important for your mental health and wellbeing.

I would like to thank Terese Jonsson and Time to Change for giving me this fantastic opportunity, I really appreciate it.

Screenshot of ‘Yessica’s Journey’ article on Time to Change website

Text Quote below taken from the Time to Change Website
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‘Time to Change Champions are people with lived experience of mental health problems who campaign to end mental health discrimination in their communities. They raise awareness by speaking out about their experiences, through events and anti-stigma projects. The Champions network offers opportunities for people who would like to increase their skills and confidence whilst being involved in different aspects of our work.’

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Time to Change East of England Networking Event

Time to Change Website

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I attended a Time to Change event at the King’s Centre in Norwich. It was a chance for like-minded people to get together and share and develop ideas about what the Eastern region can do to help with the Time to Change campaign in Norwich to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with Mental Health. The event was organised by Sarah James who is the consultant/trainer for our area. The event was very successful and everyone came up with some really good creative ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed it, knew quite a few people there so it was nice to have a chat and meet new people. I am a Time to Change Champion which is how I got invited to the event and if anyone is interested in joining please go to the website link above for more information.
I met Sarah last year when I did some voluntary work for the Time to Talk campaign outside Chapelfield shopping centre where we encouraged people to talk openly about mental health to help to try and change people’s perceptions and attitudes. It was a huge success. I have done quite a lot of volunteer work for them in the past and it has really helped me to become more open about my own difficulties.
The group came up with lots of ideas and decided that they wanted to bring the Time to Change Village event which was held in London earlier this year to Norwich. I was thrilled as Oz Osborne who works for Time to Change and has also worked with me on my project, is one of the people who came up with the idea and helped to design it. He is very creative and the idea of the Village is a brilliant concept.
I was asked to put their showreel of films together in a timeline with words fading in and out which was shown in the Cinema part of the village, and I got paid which is amazing. I have since had to do a couple of alterations to it so that it can be shown all around the country at many events. I am so proud to have been a part of it and helped in a small way and it really helped me with my confidence when I was not feeling well to do something so important. The thank you letter they sent me was so lovely and means so much to me, they really understand how to communicate and make you feel valued. I was supposed to do some voluntary work with the Village in London but was unable to go so I am thrilled it is coming to Norwich.
They are planning the event for September so can’t wait. I hope it encourages people to change their perception and attitudes about Mental Health and helps them to understand. It is through talking and education that people will realise that it can happen to anyone and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I strongly believe by speaking out, we can help reduce the stigma and discrimination and help people to understand Mental Health. The Time to Change campaign has been hugely successful and I predict it will go on to be even more successful in the future. They really understand how to communicate with people which is so important and actively want to engage with the public to change attitudes. That is what I like about them, you feel like you are actually doing something helpful and useful, something which actually makes a difference and which gives you a real buzz – great for your wellbeing. I like the fact that their volunteers and some of the people they employ have lived experience. It makes you feel valued and I am sure many people have benefited from taking part in their campaign.

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Showreel on ‘Shooting People’ Professional Filmmakers Website

Shooting People – Link to ‘Yessica’s Journey’ Showreel

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Article advertised in Shooting People Bulletin

Shooting People is a professional network for filmmakers and I have been a member for many years. I recently posted my showreel on the site and they send out regular bulletins so it is a great way to promote the project.

Showreel on website, image of Yessica

I have also used this website to advertise for the voiceover artists in the past for the role of Yessica and the Magician. I got over 100 applicants so it is quite a good place to advertise. I also advertised locally in Norwich. We interviewed people at Mind and got people to send in their voiceover samples. I really enjoyed it and met loads of interesting very talented people. Articles about this in previous blogs.

We got the perfect people for the voiceover roles. Matt Oliver for the ‘Magician’ and Orna Salinger for ‘Yessica’. Extremely talented artists.

Image of showreel from Yessica’s Journey ideas

Below is slideshow of some screenshots from showreel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Linkedin Professional Network

Linkedin Website

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Linkedin is a professional network where you can exchange information, ideas, learn, discuss and show your CV and work experience. I joined many years ago when I was at Uni but did not use it much. Recently I have updated my profile to reflect my work experience and qualifications. I have also recently asked for recommendations for the work I have done and I am thrilled to have received 16 which is great. I have also recommended people and it is great to help others in this way. I am hoping it will help me to find some work.

I have also joined various groups and forums both for Mental Health and Wellbeing and Creative groups for animation and software applications. I have found these very helpful and informative. I have got into quite a few discussions. One lady from America liked my comment about Mental Health and asked permission to use it at a presentation on Mental Health so I was thrilled. I was talking about that I think it is important to educate people, help to change their attitude, perception and understanding of mental health difficulties…..’, I wrote about a paragraph. Here are some of the discussion comments I have left on various forums. I have met and talked to many interesting people and learnt so much. It is a great way to discuss important issues and interact with others who have similar interests and experience.


Bipolar UK – Norwich Self Help Group for people with Bipolar

Bipolar UK website

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I received a letter from Bipolar UK about establishing a new self-help group for people with Bipolar in Norwich. They are looking for people to attend the group and also run it. This also includes, carers, partners, friends and family members. The meeting is on Tuesday 3rd July at Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane in Norwich and starts at 7.30pm in the evening. Please click on the link above to go to their website.

I think this is a great idea and gives people the opportunity to talk, share and gain advice and information.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend but I have passed the letter to the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Mind and several other people I know. I hope the meeting is successful and a group is formed which will help many people.

I am a member of Bipolar UK and they have been very supportive on my project. They put an article in their magazine about ‘Yessica’s Journey’ and Yessica ended up on the front cover of the magazine which was fantastic. They have also supported me with testimonials when I recently applied for additional funding for the project. Thank you to Bipolar UK for all your help and support, I do appreciate it. I have also attended one of their annual events in London which was really interesting. If you want to find out more about this organisation or become a member please click on the link above.