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Linkedin Professional Network

Linkedin Website

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Linkedin is a professional network where you can exchange information, ideas, learn, discuss and show your CV and work experience. I joined many years ago when I was at Uni but did not use it much. Recently I have updated my profile to reflect my work experience and qualifications. I have also recently asked for recommendations for the work I have done and I am thrilled to have received 16 which is great. I have also recommended people and it is great to help others in this way. I am hoping it will help me to find some work.

I have also joined various groups and forums both for Mental Health and Wellbeing and Creative groups for animation and software applications. I have found these very helpful and informative. I have got into quite a few discussions. One lady from America liked my comment about Mental Health and asked permission to use it at a presentation on Mental Health so I was thrilled. I was talking about that I think it is important to educate people, help to change their attitude, perception and understanding of mental health difficulties…..’, I wrote about a paragraph. Here are some of the discussion comments I have left on various forums. I have met and talked to many interesting people and learnt so much. It is a great way to discuss important issues and interact with others who have similar interests and experience.

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How Apple iPads improve the patient experience

Link to article from Health Leaders sent by Linked in

Apple UK Website

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I got this article sent to me via the LinkedIn Social Network for Professionals. Please read the article link above. It is really interesting that they are using Apple’s iPad in creative ways. It is helping plan patients care and clinical care. It is helping patient education and planning their care and recovery.

I have been using Apple computers for years and love them. They are so easy to use and very visual. As a creative artist the ease of use, reliability and visual interface makes it unique in the computer world. Highly recommend Apple Macs, they are reliable and rarely get viruses compared to PC’s.

Screenshot of iPad taken from Apple UK website

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I think that is it great that the NHS is embracing technology in a creative way. I hope this is something the Mental Health Organisations will consider as I think it could be very beneficial in Mental Health and Wellbeing.