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Fruits of the Mind Exhibition 10-14th October at the Forum Norwich

‘Dragon Wing Faery’. Mixed Media, Traditional with Digital.

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The images above are in the Fruits of the Mind exhibition at the Forum in Norwich from 10th-14th October. The Fruits of the Mind Exhibition is to showcase local artists who have experienced mental ill health and is being organised by NHS Hellesdon Hospital. I am very excited to showcase this work as I do not often exhibit. This is the first time I am selling my work except the illustration of Yessica. This is also a chance to promote the project ‘Yessica’s Journey’.

The illustrations are mainly mixed media combining traditional with digital. The illustrations are hand drawn in pencil and ink and then scanned into the computer. Hand painted textures of watercolour and marbling techniques are used to colour and texture the illustrations. The image is enhanced and composited in Adobe Photoshop digitally.

The ‘Dawn Light’ illustration has been specially created for this exhibition and is about my experience of mental ill health and recovery.

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Exciting News – Aardman are helping Yessica’s Journey

Exciting News. Something amazing has happened. Nathan Sale who works at Aardman is helping me with advice in purchasing some of the equipment for Yessica’s Journey. He is head of the lighting department and has kindly offered to help me. He is also offering advice and expertise in lighting techniques and what type of lights to purchase as well as lens for the camera and blue screen equipment. This is fantastic and a huge help as I really had no idea what to purchase. He has also invited me down to visit him at Aardman so I am really looking forward to it and very excited. How cool is that.

I am so pleased he liked the project and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Nathan for all his help. I think I am very lucky indeed to have this support.

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Covering the windows in black foil

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I have covered the windows with black wrap Rosco foil, a useful tip from Nathan Sale at Aardman. This is a special foil used in lighting and can be used to animate cloth. I used it to cover the windows. It is important not to let any light into the room.

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Finished making the table for the set

Finished Wooden Table with Perforated Metal Sheet by Joe Tohill.


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My Father, Joe Tohill has completed making the wooden table for the set. I was his assistant. He has done a fantastic job and the table is very stable and strong. The perforated sheet has been attached to the wooden table.