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Set Building for Animation

David Neats Website

David Neat, Scenic Artist for Set in his Studio

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Went down to London today to see David Neat, who is the Scenic Artist making the set for Yessica’s Journey. We had a lovely day and discussed the design and making of the set, colours and textures. David had made several samples for me to look at which was really helpful. He had also started a large drawing of the room from my design which is based on a room from a real building.

He had already started to make the books which look absolutely amazing. Time went so quickly but it was time well spent and really useful. I feel very confident that David will do an amazing job and bring my designs and ideas to life, he is a very talented artist.

Images and video coming soon……

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Meeting with Peter at Norwich Mind

Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind Website

I suggested meeting with Peter at Mind to find out how their organisation use volunteers. This was for the Volunteer sub group at Hellesdon Hospital for service users. Met with Peter Gianfranscesco who is the chief executive at Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind. I was interested in finding out ways of how Hellesdon could use a similar system and ways of encouraging service users to become volunteers.

Peter was really helpful and told me about the Mind First Aid Volunteer scheme. He also offered to come to the service users council meeting to discuss the work of Mind and their Volunteer Scheme. I wrote a report and sent it to the service users.

(extract from report) Mental First Aid
1 From April Mind Mind will be setting up a new Mind First Aid service as part of the new Norfolk Wellbeing Service. From later in the year people who get helped by this service will have access to free Mental Health First Aid training.
2 Mind are running a separate service that will offer free training to 50 people later in the year (May or June) – people ill, unemployed and/or have mental illness
3 Mind have been providing free training for carers but this may finish soon (contact Mind)

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Puppet Yessica

Robin Fuller Website

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© Copyright 2011 Anastacia Tohill and Robin Fuller. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or download images. Some images supplied by Robin.

Decided to ask someone else to help make the head of Yessica, had so much bad luck.

Have asked Freelance Artist Robin Fuller who I know from the Art college, he was a student when I worked there as a technician.

I will be constructing the body of the puppet. The armature will be specially constructed due to its size and will be made by John Wright Modelmaking.

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Business Course

Went on a free 3 day course at Broadland District Council. Really good course, learnt lots of new things and gained a bit of confidence. The teacher Kate Wilder was really good. On the last day we had to do a presentation of our business. I showed everyone my illustrations and animations including ‘Yessicas Journey. Everyone was really complimentary.

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Service Users Volunteer Sub Group

I have put myself forward to be on the Service Users Council Volunteer Sub Group at Hellesdon Hospital. There are 4 of us and we will be working with Hellesdon to see if we can find ways to encourage more voluntary work and getting service users involved more.

After the first meeting I offered to meet with Peter Gianfrancesco who is the Chief Executive for Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind to see how their organisation uses volunteers.

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Human Givens Therapist

I have started seeing a Human Givens Therapist, once every week for about 5 sessions. My parents and sister are paying as I can’t afford it.  Felt I needed to talk to someone, there was no talking therapy on the NHS.

Human Givens are our essential biological and emotional needs we are born with – security, friendship, connection to others, give and receive attention, self-esteem, need for meaning and purpose.

Visit the website at and