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Started developing the character Yessica

Started last week, at last I am doing some drawing. I have been so busy doing the producer role that everything else has had to wait. I am behind but trying not to think about it.

Did a rough drawing of the proportions of Yessica and sent to Justin. Realised because of her hair she might have to be quite small. Hoping for a character around 10 inches tall.

Developed a more detailed drawing of Yessicas Face. Developed some new ideas. Sent to Justin – not sure if it is possible to do as a model.

Enjoying character design and drawing. I have decided not to publish any drawings or ideas of the characters on the blogsite – makes it more of a magical surprise.

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10/11/2010 Really pleased I got an interview for a Shawtrust admin job. Didn’t get it because it was too many hours which I was unable to commit to.

11/11/2010 Next day – really upset, I am no longer allowed to go to the Shawtrust in Norwich because they said that my main focus was my project Yessica’s Journey and that I was not looking for a job as a priority.

I feel very let down by the Shawtrust and I think they are wrong.

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Diary Entries

After meeting at Mind looked into setting up Yessicas Journey as a business and as a charity. Really like the idea of making it into a charity. Decided to leave this until later on in the project as I am too busy to think about it.

Received free advice from a solicitor at the WEETU organisation – good advice about copyright and contracts. Contacted various solicitor organisations.



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Character Voiceover Artists wanted for Yessica’s Journey

Exciting opportunity – we are looking for character voiceover artists for the Magician role and Yessica’s role. Have contacted NUCA, CCN, UEA, The Garage, Maddermarket, Theatre Royal and BBC Radio Norfolk. Also placed adverts in ShootingPeople – website for film makers and Imagine Animation Website. Also advertised at Mind and Hellesdon Hospital. Auditions will be held on 17th and 18th December 2010 at Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind.

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Advert for Character Voiceover Artist

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Human Library

The Human Library Website

Oz invited me to the Forum in Norwich to the Human Library Event, he helped organise it. Enjoyed watching the film about different people who were books. Books are people who are willing to share their experiences and values with others who book them out.

Oz invited me to be a book but after much consideration I decided not to. I didn’t feel confident enough to do this, and felt I would be very nervous. I don’t think my book is a best seller anyway and it is not completely open. I think the idea of the human library is really good and I admire the people who do it, I think they are very special.