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Project Team Meeting

27/10/2010 Project Team Meeting at Mind

Should Yessica say the F word?

Click here to see video

Anastacia Tohill Director/Producer and Animator for project  |  Peter Gianfrancesco Chief Executive of Norwich Central and Norfolk Mind, Project Mentor  |  Oz Osborne Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant (Rethink) Associate Producer  |  Siobhan Tohill Community Warden, Project Assistant  |  Jane Finch Writer  |  Emilie Rayner Marketing Co-ordinator at Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Trust

Main points about Yessica swearing and the script

  • Discussed Script for Yessica’s Journey – Should she swear? May limit use of animation as can’t put on some websites. Important that character is hard edged – Hell is also used in script as a lead up to F—ing.
  • Mind Board – thought swearing was necessary, would not be authentic if there was no swearing
  • Concern the animation may not be able to be played in public places, limiting promotion of the film
  • Trust website may not be able to show it
  • Peter suggested having 2 versions of the film, one with, and one bleeped – good idea
  • It was suggested that the animation would not sound right if we substituted the F word with Flippen Wierdo
  • Oz pointed out that Yessica had a sweet character but with the word Hell she is more hard edged – softer swear word
  • Character distressed so she would swear
  • Peter – if replace swear word with a softer word  it will undermine story, its a real experience so teenagers will expect it. It is Anastacias experience.
  • Jane – Does not fit with character
  • Siobhan – seems like it has just been inserted
  • Anastacia – the psychosis breakdown building up in story, you have strong emotions and when you are emotional you swear, when you are in pain, you swear, its intense. Not everyone would swear.
  • Peter – word in script abupt, out of character but with psychosis thats what happens, break from normal character, break from how people expect you to be
  • Emilie – concern about promoting the film with a swear word
  • Siobhan – bleep swear word – pressure sound, pressure release, kettle
  • Oz – Reflects Anastacias experience, truer reflection, make a film which reflects experience rather than make one to fit a marketable world, arguement
  • Dragon – Anastacia – whether it should be in there, like dragons, good and evil side, different according to culture, Emilie suggested keeping it in
  • Feedback – Ian Jones at Cardiff University, Doctor Diane from NHS and Emilie. Asked Peter about getting feedback from Omnia.
  • Peter circulated Link to website – good feedback
  • Feedback from Service Users Council Meeting at Hellesdon – Anastacia a member
  • Oz – enough people have commented on it, comments cause revisions
  • Peter – No more feedback, if people react badly great they are reacting, thinking about it, authentic. Good or bad reaction is still a reaction. Don’t try to hard to get it right. If it makes people think about their own attitudes, talk to someone, recognise own experience and ask for help. There is no perfect, as long as its an interesting story.
  • Oz – can’t reflect everyones view of psychosis
  • Jane – feedback would change script, lose continuity, done our research, we need to do it now
  • Anastacia thanked Oz and Jane for script – Jane – 3 way contribution

The Making of Yessica’s Journey

  • Anastacia overcome her fear of being filmed on camera, Peter originally had idea to film project
  • No funding for film, no budget for this
  • Peter said it would cost too much money and it was late to ask for more funding
  • Oz – film it ourselves, Peter – Mind could edit
  • Anastacia – students
  • Jane – Anglia TV
  • Oz – BBC Voices Project, Oz to set up meeting, access to camera and sound recording room for voiceover
  • Anastacia – Beckie at BBC

BDRN Cardiff Trip

  • Anastacia – Report on trip
  • Knowledge and Learning in script
  • Links on websites, BDRN and Art and Science websites
  • Training workshops and events
  • Oz – brilliant colaboration

MHFA interest in Yessica’s Journey/Ownership and Copyright

  • Oz to send email to MHFA – decision when film is finished
  • Jane – Anastacia needs to get contracts done to own copyright, Paul at Mind doing this
  • Discussion on who owns the animation, the product, Anastacia owns it, Peter said he was keen on this
  • Peter – investment, potential to be involved after the animation is made – training, development
  • Peter – Licence use as owner of product on my terms (Anastacia). Strategy for licensing. Investor – permission to use animation will be down to Anastacia
  • Emilie supports this
  • Jane suggested forming a company, charitable grants available
  • Peter suggested forming a charity
  • Anastacia has contracts – ownership
  • Anastacia – short of funds, Anastacia, Siobhan, Dad and Oz may not be paid
  • Peter – avoid setting up charity now


  • Suggested that Help and Advice section only needs links to other organisations – useful links (Emilie)
  • Oz – website should be about film
  • Peter – the organisations below are supporting the project and can provide help for any mental health issue, click on the link
  • Anastacia to write article for Peter and Emilie to go on website. Send images.
  • Anastacia – xmas card idea, ribbon five ways idea – leave to later in project marketing

Voiceover for Yessica and Magician

  • Suggested advertising for this in November with view to audition in December
  • Auditions can be held at Mind
  • Oz suggested doing pre auditions at Forum – find out from BBC
  • Anastacia – voice of Yessica young, voice of Magician can be older but very important to get right, advertise in Theatre Royal
  • Advertise in paper etc. Jane – Radio Norfolk, press release

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