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Introducing Antony the Five Ways to Wellbeing Ant

Cover Design from the Five Ways to Wellbeing Diary

© Copyright 2011 Illustrations/Character Design/Diary Page Layout Artwork Anastacia Tohill. Diary Written and Designed by Oz Osborne. Produced for Great Yarmouth and Waveney Mind. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or download images/text.

New Economics Foundation Five Ways to Wellbeing Website

This is Antony, the Five Ways to Wellbeing Ant. Oz Osborne asked me to design and illustrate a character for a diary he was producing for Great Yarmouth and Waveney Mind. The diary is being printed at the moment. Oz Osborne came up with the idea for the diary and has written and designed it.

I have drawn the character using traditional pastels and then enhanced in Photoshop. The background is a watercolour. I wanted to make him appealing so I gave him huge eyes. I got the idea from researching Tarsier Monkeys who are so cute. I hope you like him.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing is mentioned within the Yessica’s Journey animation, both visually and in written form. The Five Ways to Wellbeing has helped me with my own recovery and wellbeing.

More images of the diary can be seen on my Behance Portfolio Website.

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Marketing and Sales Course

Went on another free course with Broadland District Council on Marketing and Sales. Gained some useful information. I think I am going to have to join Twitter, ipatter and Facebook.

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Finished the Five Ways to Wellbeing Diary

I got a cheque the other day from Mind in Yarmouth for helping Oz Osborne to produce the Five Ways to Wellbeing Diary. I was so pleased and felt very proud, my first cheque in a long long time, it feels great to be finally paid for something. This has given me a great sense of acheivement and makes me feel worthwhile and that I do have some skills. It has been such a long time since I have been paid for anything, I didn’t even get benefits. This has given me a huge boost of confidence and I would like to thank Mind and Oz for this.

Oz Osborne is working with me on the Yessica’s Journey project and also works for Mind in Yarmouth and is part of the Community Wellbeing Company.

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Oz to design a character for the Diary. He asked me to produce some illustrations for the diary and to produce the page layout artwork for it. This has been such a fantastic opportunity and we are hoping that it develops into other avenues.

I came up with several ideas for characters, which were animals and insects. Oz choose the Ant idea and named the character Antony. I created several illustrations for the diary using traditional pastels and Photoshop. I produced the page layout artwork for the diary using Adobe Indesign software. Oz came up with the idea for the diary and also wrote and designed it.

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Donate Cross Trainer Bike to Hellesdon Hospital

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© Copyright 2011 Anastacia Tohill. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or download images/text.

We are clearing dads gym to make the room into a temporary animation filming studio. Dad had a cross trainer bike he wanted to get rid of. I suggested donating it to Hellesdon Hospital. Peter Waterman and Steve Davies picked up the bike in their van, they both work at Hellesdon Hospital in Norwich. The bike is going to be used by people to improve their wellbeing. The bike is going into the new Wellbeing room at Hellesdon.

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Website Design Course

I attended a free web design course at Broadland District Council for the day. It was nice as I met up with Les, a designer who I met on previous courses.

The course was teaching us about how to set up a web page and use Dreamweaver. I have already decided not to use Dreamweaver but as this course was free, I felt it was still worth doing. The course was very good and well taught but for me I found it a bit too basic.

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Final Script sent to Organisations

I have finally sent the script out for feedback to all the organisations – Mind, Hellesdon Hospital, Wellcome Trust and BDRN Cardiff University. I also decided to send it to some other people to get their comments and feedback as well. I am interested in good and constructive criticism to help improve the animation.

I decided to rewrite the script last year, as I was not happy with it myself and several of the organisations also pointed out a few problems. It was mainly the Recovery bit of the script I was not happy with and I wanted it to be for a more adult audience rather than children. I am really glad I decided to be brave and do it again. It was not an easy decision to make as so much time had been put into it. The Wellcome Trust were great and gave me an extension to the project which was really helpful and a relief.

It has taken a lot of hard work, time and effort to rewrite it. At one point it had started to make me feel ill again, its not easy going over stuff which made you ill in the first place and reminds you of it all. It certainly was not easy writing it either, struggling with Bipolar and Dsylexia and also I am not a writer by profession.

However, in some ways I think it has actually helped me a great deal and finally perhaps helped me partly to feel better. This is the best I have felt in three years. I believe sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and face your fears, face what is bothering you and learn to accept and be more positive. You have to take some responsibility for yourself and your illness, relying on other people is not always going to work. I am also off all my medication, and I can sleep – first time in three years that I can actually sleep – a miracle. I have learned so much from doing this, at times it has been stressful but also very rewarding and enjoyable. I have learnt so much, this is real, and therefore the consequences are more real, much more responsibility.

I felt that having 3 people working on the new script at the same time was difficult so I decided to rewrite the script myself and spent quite a few months doing this. I also felt more confident about taking control of it which I didn’t before, and I felt that I was probably the best person to do it, as it was my story I was trying to tell. I also decided to take a different approach and bought a book on animation scriptwriting which was a huge help.

I then started working on it with Oz Osborne in January and have continued to work with him on it ever since. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oz for all his help, support and his commitment to this project. He has been absolutely fantastic and I would not have been able to do this without him, in fact I don’t think there would even be a script as at one point I was feeling unwell. He has contributed so many good ideas and so much of his time and best of all he understood and he helped me to write my story so many thanks.

I then got Keith Tutt, who is a professional writer, to look at the Treatment and offer feedback and advice. He also did not know my story so it was beneficial to get his opinion as to whether the story would work to a wider audience and also he was looking at it from a different angle – working to a formula.

The Treatment is the document written before the script and contains just the action and outline of the story. I could only afford him for a few days but I think it was worth doing and it was helpful. Unfortunately Keith was unable to offer any help on the actual script, which included all the narration, dialogue and rhyming and final action changes.

I then got Jane Finch, who is also a professional writer, to help with the rhyming in the script. We decided to use some of the rhymes from the original script which Jane was more involved in. She also helped to write some new ones. I would also like to thank Jane for all her help with Yessicas Journey, she has done a fantastic job and I do appreciate her commitment to the project and all her time she put in, especially on the first script.

I am now waiting for feedback and looking forward to hearing from everyone, but also a bit nervous.

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Mind, Body and Spirit Fair at the Forum

I attended the Mind, Body and Spirit event at the Forum in Norwich. I met some interesting people there and had my cards read. Before I was ill I had no interest in this sort of thing and would never have had my cards read. When you become very ill, you get desperate and will tend to want to believe anything. Now I am much more open and find this sort of event really interesting.

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Financial Management Course

I attended another free course at Broadland District Council. I did not enjoy this course as much as the others mainly due to the subject which I find hard to understand. The tutor was excellent and I enjoyed the day, especially meeting all the other people on the course. The food is also great.