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MDF The Bipolar Organisation

MDF The Bipolar Organisation

I have just become a member of the Manic Depression Foundation support site. I found it by chance. Its a great site and very informative. They have sent me information and a magazine which is really interesting. Through the MDF I have also joined the Beating Bipolar Web based Programme which Cardiff University are running.

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Changes to the Project Team

We have some new people helping with the project and I would like to welcome all of them to Yessica’s Journey and thank them for their support.

Charlie Gauvain is the Business Affairs Adviser, Charlie has been in charge of doing the contracts for the team

Matt Oliver and Orna Salinger are the Voiceover Artists for Yessica’s Journey

Barry Leith is now the Yessica Puppet Consultant. I am making the puppet Yessica.

Keith Tutt is a Scriptwriter Animation Consultant. After myself, Oz and Jane have rewritten the 2nd version of the script, Keith will offer advice and help.

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Getting Help

I have had so many problems with the project, so many things have gone wrong. It has also made me look at my experience and what happened to me more closely which has been difficult at times. Despite everything I am still trying to remain positive and I have learnt a great deal from the mistakes I have made, I guess no-one is perfect. I managed to get an extension to the project for 6 months which is brilliant and this is such a relief and has helped so much – thanks to the Wellcome Trust.

I have decided with the help of my family to go to a private therapist as I feel I need to talk to someone. Its quite sad really that I never got a talking therapy on the NHS, I have to pay for it. This is fine if you earn plenty of money but if you don’t then you have no help whatsoever. Luckily my family are paying so I can’t thank them enough.

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Five Ways to Wellbeing – Be active…

I have started doing more exercise and decided to follow the Five Ways to Wellbeing and become more active. I go for a walk now everyday which keeps me fit and also helps me to clear my head. I have also started to go to Yoga classes as I feel so unfit. Yoga is supposed to be great for relaxation, your mind body and soul. I am also going on a diet as I have put on so much weight from the medication I am on. Believe it or not I used to be thin.

image coming soon

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We have found a Magician and a Yessica

Matt Oliver – Voiceover Character Artist for Role of the Magician

Orna Salinger – Voiceover Character Artist for Role of Yessica

I am thrilled to announce that Matt Oliver and Orna Salinger are the Voiceover Artists for the roles of the Magician and Yessica. Their voices are absolutely brilliant and perfect for the roles.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and showed an interest in auditioning for the roles. I have met many amazingly talented people though this project.

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Happy New Year

Winter Scene at Hopton by the Sea

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Happy New Year Everyone. Love this picture I took at Potters, its beautiful. I hope next year is better than this year, had lots of problems but the Wellcome Trust have given me an extension which is great. The main thing is you learn from your mistakes, and I certainly have done that. I am looking forward to working on the project over the coming year, I know it will be a success, I just have to stay positive about it and not lose sight of what Yessica’s Journey is all about.