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Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind launch new service ‘LifeHelp’

Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind Website

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Quote from Peter Gianfrancesco in the EDP/EEN

I was invited to the Norwich Mind launch of their new service called ‘LifeHelp’ which is to help people including people with mental health difficulties and includes a range of services for people with personal budgets. The event was held in Norwich at the Open Banking Hall. It was also to celebrate the MFA – Mind First Aiders and Associates.

Article in Newspaper with MFA and Trisha Goddard

It was a very successful event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The new service is very impressive and the presentations were professional and interesting. I really like the design and logo of the presentation folder and we also got an MFA hat to wear, which is something we can wear in our own communities to let people know we are a Mind First Aider and can help others. I knew quite a few people there so it was great to see them and have a good chat. We also got our picture taken for the EDP and EEN which was great.

Article in Newspaper of MFA at event – Oz, Colin and me in the background, Trisha Goddard at the front

Peter Gianfrancesco who is the CEO at Mind presented the service and his wife Trisha Goddard who is a patron at mind also gave a presentation. I found her speech really moving. They also had people with lived experience talking about how being an MFA has benefited them and helped others.

Article in Newspaper to launch Life Help Service

I was really impressed with the whole event and look forward to seeing how it develops. I am an MFA and trained at Mind for adults and I have also done voluntary work with Mind Inclusion for several years. I am also a MFA for young adults and did a separate course with another organisation. I would highly recommend the course at Mind, you learn so much and it really can help not only yourself but how you can help others.

If you are interested in becoming a Mind First Aider and Associate please visit their website at the top of this article. Below is a screenshot from their Associate magazine and includes very informative information.

The associates magazine