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Time to Change Event Showreel – Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination

Time to Change Website – Mental Health, Stigma and Discrimination

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Time to Change TV advert 

Time to Talk, Time to Change – Interactive Video

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Time to Change Showreel created in Adobe After Effects 5.5 showing ‘Ben and Ellie’s Fifth Date’ film clip

I was thrilled to be asked to update the Time to Change Village Event Showreel recently so it can be used at many events all around the country. I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity to do something useful, something which makes a small difference and helps the Time to Change Campaign which I feel very passionate about. As an artist I like doing meaningful creative art which has a purpose so this was great to do.

I received a lovely thank you letter and a Champions badge from Keith and Richard who work at Time to Change. The letter made me feel really happy and made me smile. It really does mean a lot to me and I am so pleased I was able to help the Time to Change campaign in a small way. The power of words and a little smile can make such a big difference to someones wellbeing and this certainly gave me a huge and much needed lift. They really understand how to communicate well with people, and they know how to listen – words can go a long way to helping people, they can be very powerful and uplifting for your wellbeing.

I have been involved in some voluntary Time to Change work with Oz Osborne in the past and it really helped me to talk about my own mental health difficulties and not to be ashamed. I think it is an extremely important and worthwhile campaign and I know it is going to be even more successful in the future. I hope it helps to change peoples attitudes about Mental Health discrimination and most importantly helps people to understand.

I am so proud to have been given the chance to work for the campaign and was thrilled when Oz asked me to produce it. It has helped me a lot with my confidence and motivation as I have recently been unwell. It was fantastic as I was paid and this made me feel very proud to work for such an important campaign.

Thank you to Time to Change, Oz Osborne, Keith and Richard for giving me this opportunity and I hope I can work again for the campaign in the future.

Time to Change Showreel created in Adobe After Effects 5.5 – Logo

Time to Change is about changing people’s attitudes, their perception and acceptance of people with Mental Health Difficulties. Challenging the Stigma and Discrimination associated with it. What I love about this campaign is that they actively engage with people who have Mental Health difficulties both through volunteer work, paid jobs and involving people in many different ways. They go out to the people and interact, they help to reeducate and involve people in the community and most importantly change people’s attitudes through talking, listening and discussion.

Time to Change Showreel created in Adobe After Effects 5.5 written by Oz Osborne

Above is a screenshot from the showreel which Oz Osborne, who works for Time to Change, has written. Below is a screenshot showing the very effective recent TV advert which is brilliant. I really like it as it uses humor which is always effective in getting a message across. Click on the links at the top of this blog article to view the TV advert and the TV interactive advert. Check it out on YouTube. Time to Change our TV advert.

Below is a slideshow of some of the screenshots from the creation of the Time to Change Showreel. I created the showreel in Adobe After Effects 5.5 which is one of my favourite programs. You have a timeline and can add video footage, text, sound, animation and special effects. I am using this program to create some of my animation for ‘Yessica’s Journey’.

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