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Time to Change Village Event in London

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Time to Change Village Website Article

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Screen shot from film 'Ben and Ellie's Fifth Date' for Time to Change Showreel

I was thrilled to be asked by Oz Osborne who works for Time to Change to put a showreel together of some of their films with some words and logos fading in and out. This was for the Time to Change Village Event which was held on Saturday 31st in London (see link above for more information). The Village was Oz’s idea and he helped organise the event as part of a small team. The event was very successful.

Screenshot from the showreel film - Ben and Ellie's 5th Date

I only had a few days to do it but managed to get it done in time. It was shown to the public in the Cinema part of the Village. I was also paid so that was great. I was so lucky to be given this opportunity and really enjoyed it. It has really helped with my confidence, self esteem and motivation. Sometimes when you are unwell your confidence is one of the first things to go and doing something like this has really given me a boost. I was really proud as well to be doing something for the Time to Change campaign which is about making people more aware about Mental Health and trying to stop discrimination and stigma associated with it. The campaign encourages people to talk about their Mental Health Difficulties and they actively use volunteers and employ people with Mental Health Difficulties.

Text Written by Oz Osborne for Time to Change Village Showreel

The caption above was written by Oz Osborne and he designed the showreel format. I produced the showreel using After Effects. Below is a slideshow of some of the image screenshots from the showreel films. I hope to get some images from the event which I will put on my blog later. I was supposed to go to the event as a volunteer but felt too unwell and unconfident to go so it was nice to be involved, even though I couldn’t be there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Logo from Time to Change

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