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Testing Different Methods and Materials for ‘Yessica’s Journey’ Head

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Polystyrene Head Testing

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Here are some images of tests for making Yessica’s Head using different materials and cores to the head. It is important to find a method which looks good but is also smooth and light. These are just rough sculptures and I did not concentrate too long on the actual sculpture, it was more about finding the best method and material to use for her main head. I started with Polystyrene but this is difficult to sculpt a natural looked head so I tried other methods. See Slideshow below.

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Testing out Femo Clay

This clay was far to rough and did not have a smooth texture so was unsuitable. A lot of the clays are air drying so they are prone to shrinkage.

Testing out other clays

Another material clay I used was very hard to sculpt with. Tried using Dremel on them to smooth them out. They were also too heavy. I used a screwed up ball of tin foil and polystyrene as in inner core to make them as light as possible.

Testing out Sculpey Clay

This was using Sculpey Clay which is easier to sculpt with but again too heavy. You cook it in the oven to harden. Only use foil and not polystyrene for the core or it will melt.

Sculpey Head Test

Testing out Paper Pulp method

Tried putting the paper pulp in the mould but didn't quite work

Tried this method of making a paper pulp method out of paper. You tear up paper and use a blender to turn it into a pulp. Did not work at all but I think I must have done something wrong. Guess I need to try some more methods and materials.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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