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No longer the Service Users Redesign Communications Chair/Lead

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A few months ago I was thrilled to be asked by the Chair of the Service Users Council at Hellesdon Hospital if I would be interested in being the Chair/Lead for the new Service Users Redesign Communications Sub Group (SURC). I would just like to thank the Chair for giving me this fantastic opportunity. Above is an article from the NHS Newsletter at Hellesdon Hospital. Unfortunately it did not get sent out or printed last month but I managed to get a copy from Greta Neiss who is the Redesign Communications Lead at Hellesdon. I was thrilled to be asked to be in it.

I was really pleased to be asked to be the Chair and accepted but I did have some reservations about it from the start. Unfortunately, I decided after the last SURC meeting that for many reasons, I felt I was not the right person for this role. I felt out of my depth and without support and training I felt unable to commit to this role. I also felt it was affecting my confidence which has taken me ages to build up having been so ill. I think I find it hard to say NO sometimes but at least I did in the end and it does take courage to do this as it was quite an honor to have been asked in the first place. You have to be careful you don’t take on too much. I need to trust my own intuituion and instincts more and not be afraid to say NO.

I had suggested someone else at the start who I felt would represent the Service Users much better than I could and was also well respected by the Trust. I am pleased to say this person has now accepted the role and I am sure he will do a great job.

Hopefully there will be other opportunities for me at the Trust, I hope I can help them in any way I can. Below is a picture of me (back of my head) from the Radical Pathway Redesign Stakeholder Event last year which I attended. I also attended another Redesign event at Hellesdon with Oz Osborne who invited me.

There are more Redesign events coming up, the next one is at Dunston Hall.

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The name of the Trust has now changed to Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust as they have now merged with Suffolk.


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