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Finished Storyboard for the Cut-Out part of the Animation

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Hurray I finished the storyboard last week for the cut-out part of the animation which is about 4mins long. This part of the animation is going to be created from drawings and illustrations, painted textures and then cut-out in Photoshop so it can be animated in After Effects. I am also going to try Anime Studio Pro for animating the characters as this software has a simple rigging bone system but not sure yet if it will work.

I can’t show the storyboard obviously and not even going to name anything but the above screenshot is from the Storyboard software which I used by Toon Boom. I did not use the drawing tools within the program as I decided to use all the visuals I had already created and cut-out and adapt in photoshop. I then imported the images in which means I also have a high resolution one if I wish to print out at a later date. I really enjoyed doing this as its very creative. I imported the text from the script and added camera moves and shots.

I have changed and adapted the storyboard already. As soon as you start to see visuals you can see where things are not working and form new ideas and improvements. I see the script as a guide and something which is flexible and should grow, change adapt as part of the creative process. This is the advantage of directing your own film and having the freedom to create your own ideas rather than having to work for someone else, creating their ideas which can sometimes hold you back. Please take time to read the following article, Jan Svankmajer is a genius.

From an article – Vertigo Magazine Decalogue by Jan Svankmajer Jan Svankmajer is a filmmaker and artist. Here is a quote from the Decalogue Article.

‘Never work, always improvise. Script is important for a producer, not for you. It’s a non-binding document you should only return to when your imagination lets you down. Although I have formulated this Decalogue on paper it doesn’t mean I consciously refer to it. These rules somehow emerged through my work, they didn’t precede it. Anyway, all the rules are there to be broken (not avoided). But there is one rule which, if broken (or even avoided), becomes destructive to the artist: Never subordinate your personal creativity to anything but freedom.

Still got loads of storyboarding to do over the coming year for the stop motion part. I do not intend doing this in as much detail as I want the process of animating this to be more fluid. Now got to get on with finishing making the puppets, doing lots of illustrations and an animatic.




Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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