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Yessica’s Journey Meeting with Wellcome Trust


Marie-Lise who is the Arts Grants Adviser from the Wellcome Trust came down from London today to have a meeting with myself, Oz Osborne – Community Mental Health Project Manager at Mind in Yarmouth and Charlie Gauvain Managing Director of Eye Film and TV. We had a successful meeting and I am now in the process of putting in an extension awards application with the help of Charlie and Oz to help raise more funds for the Yessica’s Journey project. Thank you to Oz, Charlie and Marie-Lise for your time and support.

I have received some fantastic testimonials from the organisations and would like to thank the following people for their kind words of support.

Oz Osborne – Community Mental Health Project Manager at
Mind in Yarmouth

Peter Gianfrancesco – Chief Executive at
Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind

Peter Edge – Mental Health Nurse Central Norfolk Early Intervention in Psychosis Team Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Trust
Maggie Wheeler – Chair Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Trust
Roz Brooks – Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Safety, Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Trust
Michel SyrettEditor, Pendulum Bipolar UK
Clare Dolman – Research Editor Pendulum and Chair of the national bipolar charity Bipolar UK (formerly MDF the Bipolar Organisation)

Special thanks to Peter Gianfrancesco, Peter Edge and Oz Osborne for giving me your time to talk to you and your patience and thank-you to Marie-Lise and the Wellcome Trust for giving me the opportunity to complete this project, for your support and for offering to help with further funding.

The project has grown so much and is going to take a lot longer than I originally anticipated. When I applied with my original application in 2010 I was still feeling unwell and had no idea really what I was doing. I guess I had not put in enough research into the costs or indeed thought about the length of time it would take to do an animation of this scale. I have learnt so much from doing this project, not only has it helped me to get well and opened so many doors for me but I have also had the priviledge of meeting so many lovely people who have become a huge part of my life and who have given me so much help and support. I have learnt so much and gained a huge amount of knowledge from this project and although at times it has been very difficult for me, it has been worth it.

I am now in the process of creating a storyboard which will be done in several parts as the animation is anticipated to be around 14 minutes long. I am really enjoying the creative process and love drawing and creating meaningful art.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

2 thoughts on “Yessica’s Journey Meeting with Wellcome Trust

  1. Go Girl! Your work is wonderful and powerful! …sometimes the journey is more important than the destination…but I have a feeling with Yessica’s Journey…the end product will be as mind blowing as the process to achieve it!! Beckie x

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