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Festival of Cultures at Mind in Norwich

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I have been a volunteer now with Inclusion at Mind in Norwich for about a year. I volunteered with the Festival of Cultures Event last year and I did the same this year. We had a fantastic day and everyone really enjoyed the day.

I helped to set up the Information point and then in the morning I helped out on the Food and Drink area. It was really busy but I enjoyed it. Apart from giving out food too early everything went really well. I spent most of the time filling up jugs of drinks. In the afternoon I worked on the information point and mainly helped to sell tickets for the Raffle. The money raised is being given to the Somalia Appeal. I had contributed some of the prizes in the raffle so it was nice to see them go to other people. It was really busy but I managed to take a few photos inbetween. I also managed to have a fantastic free neck and head massage and I also won two prizes in the raffle which was great. A free massage session and a hour life coaching session.

The event was well organised and everyone enjoyed it. There were lots of different cultures represented. Food and drink, dancing, costumes, drumming, music, raffle, information, stilt walking, human library and many other attractions.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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