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Making Hands for Yessica

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Link to Yessica’s Journey Video Blogsite –  Video footage of making Yessica’s Hands

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I am now on my fourth pair of hands. It is really hard geting them small enough for Yessica. I have tried several methods and decided to use thinner wire but I have to be careful it does not break. I use twisted wire which is shaped into a hand. I use plastic tubing to melt onto the wire using a hot wire gun. This helps to protect the fragile wire. I then make the centre of the hand out of Milliput. Once dry this is sanded using a dremel. I then put elastoplast onto the hand so the latex has something to stick to. I then mix a colour up and add to the latex. Dipping Latex is used to build up layers of the hand. Finally powder is used to stop the latex sticking.

There are many ways of making hands and this is just one method. It takes a lot of time to get the right shape and the right size. Check out the video footage which will give you some idea (see link above).


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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