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Collected set from David Neat in London

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David Neat Website

Today is a big day. The set is ready to collect. Siobhan and I set off to London and headed for Deptford. We managed to get all the way to Deptford without any problems and then because of all the one way streets and the lack of parking spaces we ended up going through it. Eventually after an hour or so we found our way back with the help of a map and careful navigation. Siobhan my sister did really well as she had never driven in London before and its quite daunting. Not sure if she would ever do it again though after that experience. I would like to thank my sister Siobhan for driving all the way to London and indeed all the endless lifts she has given me here there and everywhere.

I have been working on the set for some time and got delayed quite a bit due to always doing the script. I based my ideas on a real gothic room I found on the internet and then adapted it to fit in with my story. I love Gothic architecture and I also like horror films. I was studying Dracula and Fear at the time of my breakdown so it seemed obvious to do it in that style and was one of the reasons I choose Gothic. I sent David images I got from the internet and from books and also did drawings and some photographs I had taken myself. I also did a lot of research, especially into symbolism. The set was designed by myself and lots of the ideas have got a real meaning behind them which I will eventually explain on the website. David also contributed some of the design ideas and I asked him to design some of the furniture within the set. His main role was to construct and build the set taking into consideration it was for a stop motion animation set. David is the Scenic Artist and Model Maker for the Gothic Room Set.

It was lovely to see David and to finally see the set in all its glory. I had seen some pictures but not everything and its so different when you see the real thing. I burst into tears when I saw it and became quite emotional. It took my breath away. I loved it all, there was nothing I did not like, its a work of art in my opinion. It was also very nice and emotional to finally see all my little designs and research created into this wonderful room that I had only imagined in my head. It really does look amazing but unfortunately I can’t show any of it until the film comes out.

David has done an absolutely fantastic job. He is so talented and skilled and I would recommend him to anyone. The work he has put in and the attention to detail is astounding. He is a perfectionist and it clearly shows in his work. He really does care about what and how he makes things, a very creative person and I am so pleased I asked him to make the set for Yessica’s Journey. He also contributed to the design of the set and designed some of the furniture himself. His work is full of texture and colour and I love it. When I saw the set it really was a very special and magical moment and I can’t thank David enough for all his hard work. When I saw the set I wanted to create a whole world – perhaps that is something for the future.

Thank you David for creating such an amazing work of art and for making my ideas come to life in such a beautiful and thoughtful way. I was also really pleased that the work reflected my designs and I know that was not an easy thing to do. In fact I was quite shocked that he was able to do some of the intricate and quite complex designs, especially at such a small scale. Thanks also for putting up with me and for your patience. I also really hope that when people see this set and the clever workmanship he has created that he will get lots of fantastic work for the future. David also told me that he had really enjoyed making it and that many of the techniques he had used were new and that he discovered how to do things as he went along. This really pleased me as one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing is about Learning. It also shows how David is not afraid to take on work which is a challenge.

We were there for several hours as David took time to show us how the set had been constructed and how it worked. We then packed everything up carefully.

I have asked David to do some more work but this depends on if I can raise some more funding.

Siobhan and I got home really late, 12 midnight. We took a wrong turning and wasted time but eventually found our way back to Norwich.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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