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Second day of recording Voiceover Artists at Epic Studios

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Well I woke up this morning and decided I must find the rhymes that Yessica speaks from the first version of the script we did in 2010. First thing in the morning I had to quickly hunt through loads of copies of scripts and just found a couple and went with that, I don’t even know if it was the right version or not. I think it is fate that I decided this, a gut feeling, instinct, as it was a last minute decision that I slept on. In the first script which we wrote before November 2010 we had Yessica rhyming at the end. I had taken this out of the final second version of the script as it would take too long to animate to and so I decided to put a shorter narration in. The rhymes were mainly written by Jane, myself and Oz also contributed.  I think even my dad helped to write a couple of them. Jane was much more involved in the first version of the script especially with the rhyming and did a fantastic job of putting them together and turning what I wanted to say into something which rhymes.  The problem is it takes ages to say them and if you are animating to it you can imagine how long that would take. Sometimes I think this film would work well as live action as you can say much more and have less restrictions. It’s funny as I had almost lost site of why I choose to do rhyming in the first place. I had watched ‘Vincent’ by Tim Burton on YouTube some years ago and loved the rhyming by Vincent Price. I knew when I heard it that rhyming is a very effective and powerful way of getting a message across to an audience, making it memorable and something which people will enjoy listening to and remember.

The day began with Orna saying these rhymes from the first script which I intended using on the website and not in the animation. As we all listened, Matt and Will and myself there was complete silence. Again this was a really magical moment. As I listened to her voice and the words I realised that I just had to use it, it was too good not to. As she was speaking I said to Matt, I have to use this and decided that I could use it in the end scene, get rid of the narration which was more or less saying the same thing, and continue it into the credits, that way I could use a lot of it. Matt, Orna and Will all agreed and it was great to have the confidence to make a decision like that, I think it’s fate. If this had happened earlier in the year or indeed last year I would never have been capable of making a decision like that, I had no confidence at all in my own abilities or decisions. Its great when things work out in the end. Orna, Matt and Will also offered a lot of feedback, advice and suggestions throughout the process and we changed the odd word or two as we recorded it.

We tended to record several versions of everything so I have a choice and lots to choose from when I do the editing. We also asked Orna and Matt to do different versions, softer, harder, louder, whispering etc. Will did an amazing sample to show us how effective sound can be. He layered several different voices together and the effects were amazing. I am looking forward to doing the sound as I enjoy it. I am also recording spot sounds myself later on. I am using Sound Track Pro which I used at University.

I filmed some of the days activities and took pictures which I hope to eventually put on the website once the film is launched. It was great as I had invited several people to pop in to see the recording. Peter Edge from the NHS arrived first and then Oz Osborne from Yarmouth Mind and Jane Finch who is a freelance writer. It was great to see everyone and they all agreed that Orna and Matt were fantastic for the roles of the Magician and Yessica. It was nice as well for myself, Oz and Jane to be together after all the hard work we had put in with writing the script. The words coming to life through the power of the human voice is truely a magical and remarkable moment to be part of.  I loved everyone being there together, it was a really lovely moment and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oz, myself, Orna and Matt all went for lunch and Oz kindly paid for a really lovely lunch at the King of Hearts, thank you Oz. We then did some filming in another studio and I asked Orna and Matt to play out the parts of Yessica and the Magician for real. I wanted some ideas for movement especially for the Magician. They were both great and I hope to eventually put the footage on the website and possibly YouTube. It even gave me an idea that it would make a great play.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get this far. Thanks especially to Matt, Orna, Will, Jane, Oz and Peter Edge for a perfect day.

I was sad to see Orna and Matt go and sad that it was over. I feel like I have made two new friends and I wish them both well in their careers and for the future. I really enjoyed doing this, and loved every minute of it. At last I feel like I am starting to enjoy this whole project more, its not been easy but I have learnt so much and I am very grateful to so many people for all their help and support. Thank you to both of you, you were perfect and you are both very talented and skilled artists.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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