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Finished the Five Ways to Wellbeing Diary

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I got a cheque the other day from Mind in Yarmouth for helping Oz Osborne to produce the Five Ways to Wellbeing Diary. I was so pleased and felt very proud, my first cheque in a long long time, it feels great to be finally paid for something. This has given me a great sense of acheivement and makes me feel worthwhile and that I do have some skills. It has been such a long time since I have been paid for anything, I didn’t even get benefits. This has given me a huge boost of confidence and I would like to thank Mind and Oz for this.

Oz Osborne is working with me on the Yessica’s Journey project and also works for Mind in Yarmouth and is part of the Community Wellbeing Company.

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Oz to design a character for the Diary. He asked me to produce some illustrations for the diary and to produce the page layout artwork for it. This has been such a fantastic opportunity and we are hoping that it develops into other avenues.

I came up with several ideas for characters, which were animals and insects. Oz choose the Ant idea and named the character Antony. I created several illustrations for the diary using traditional pastels and Photoshop. I produced the page layout artwork for the diary using Adobe Indesign software. Oz came up with the idea for the diary and also wrote and designed it.


Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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