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Diary Entries

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  • Downloaded video to Final Cut Pro, over an hour long. Really interesting to listen to. Thinkiing about putting it on website and Youtube. Need to get permission. Created smaller file size version to send to Oz for approval.
  • Sent Ella Oz’s Profile and image for website
    Silvias Poem for Creative work on website
  • Sent thank you email to Ian Jones
    Email to ask Ella to put BDRN link to website on Yessicas Website
    Email to Peter, Oz, Jane, Emilie, Siobhan – meeting on 28th, agenda for
    meeting. Also emailed New Script and Treatment for everyone to read in time for meeting. Asked for new feedback
  • Updated Finance and Project Management Plan – sent to Oz
  • Received email from Creative Artists Agency about letter I sent (Gary Oldman, voice over) – unsolicited submission, idea similarities are coincidental, hopefully they won’t steal the idea
  • Oz sent me information about Human Library – looked at website
  • Started Weekly Diary
  • Updated Youtube site – put Yessica Link on channel page
    Subscribed/friend to bipolaraware BDRN site
  • Ella put BDRN link on Yessicas Website
  • Produced Brief Report on BDRN Research Meeting – sent email to Oz, Peter, Andy, Emilie, Jane and Siobhan
  • Received email from Ian Jones BDRN Research – going to read script before Thursday
  • Started Blogsite at WordPress –
  • Went through script again for meeting tomorrow

Author: Anastacia

I am a freelance Animator and Illustrator. I am a Director/Producer and Animator of the Yessica's Journey Animation Project

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